Laundry Room {Mood Board}

For those of you in the U.S., I hope you all had a nice long Labor Day weekend. Didn't it go by way too fast? It didn't feel like three days to me.

Today, I wanted to show you my plan for our laundry room (aka The Arm Pit). This is the vision for it that's been floating around in my head.
Laundry Room

The ironing board cover is from Pottery Barn. I looked all over for an ironing board cover, Etsy, Home Goods, Target, Overstock, but this is the one that I kept coming back to. I loved how colorful it was and the pattern. I stalked it for a while, hoping it would go on sale, but it didn't. So, I went ahead and ordered it yesterday. Sometimes, I wait so long to buy something that it winds up selling out. I did sign up for Pottery Barn emails though so that I could get 10% off.

I was inspired by the dark blue walls in the laundry rooms that I wrote about in this post. Plus, I wanted to pick up the dark blue in the ironing board cover so, I picked a deep, dark blue gray color (Sherwin William's Smoky Blue - 7604) that I really love. I just hope it actually looks like this when I put it on the walls. I haven't gotten it yet so I need to get a sample to try out first.

I'm keeping my existing white washer and dryer that you can see in this post. For the flooring, I'm going to just stick with an easy to put down, easy to clean and maintain, laminate. Of course, the cabinets will be these that I found at ReStore for a steal and have already painted white. The cabinet hardware is from Home Depot. For the chandelier I have one that's similar, but brass, so I'm planning on spray painting it silver. I already found some great wicker baskets at Home Goods.

I still need to repair the sagging drywall tape, replace the flooring, and paint the walls before I can hang up the cabinets. (Geesh, I'm tired already just thinking about it). I also have a few DIY projects planned but couldn't really find anything on-line to represent them in my mood board.

I'm hoping I can get the room done this month (year?), but you know how that goes. Of course, I've had some unexpected expenses come up already, like having to have my car battery replaced. I hate it when practical things interfere with my decorating plans. ;)

I really cannot wait to see this room get transformed!

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