Design Trend: Black & White with a Pop of Color

Today, I'm excited to show you a design trend that I'm really loving, black and white rooms with a pop of color.

These black and white rooms all have one design focal point in a vibrant color. What's brilliant about this is that since the essential elements of the room, the walls, the flooring, the large furniture pieces are in neutral black or white, it's easy to change out the colorful smaller pieces and decor accents.

In this room, a kelly green mirror adds a vibrant shot of color that brings energy to the neutral black, white and gold palate. It would be a simple DIY to paint the mirror another color if you grow tired of the green. You could also switch out the green mirror for some colorful artwork.

My Best Friend Craig
I'll admit that in this beautiful black and white bathroom, there isn't really much of a pop of color going on besides the pink flowers, but you could easily change this by adding a colorful hand towel.

With a black and white base, just about any color would look great but, I think a pink, yellow or coral color would add just the right pop of color in this bathroom. Isn't that wallpaper gorgeous?

I love the classic elements in this black and white bathroom. The white subway tiles in the shower and the black and white floor tiles will never go out of style. The navy blue vanity adds interest to the room and really brings the neutral color palette to life.
Live Beautifully
Be still my heart! The yellow padded headboards in this children's bedroom turn an all-white room into a bright and sunny space that any kid would love to have.

The black and white patterned sheets add texture to the room. The colorful accessories, like the vintage yellow phone and yellow rick rack on the lamp, continue the yellow pops of color throughout the room giving it added interest.

This black and white bedroom is livened up with pops of green on the bed pillow and bed skirt. 

The adorable accent chair is also green. I really love the attention to detail the designer took by adding a white chair pillow with green piping. 

There's even a green plant on the bedside table that brings the outdoors in and continues the green color scheme.  Very nicely done!
Tom Stringer Design Partners via Georgiana Design
Designer, Sarah Richardson, also used green as the accent color in this black and white bedroom. 

To draw attention to the bed (which is typically the focal point in bedrooms) she used a beautiful floral black and white wallpaper. 

Of course, the show stopper in this black and white bedroom is the beautiful velvet green headboard. Green is continued on the bed in the pillows and around the room in the lamp and the artwork on the walls.

Sarah Richardson
In this stunning entryway, Bryn Alexander also used black and white wallpaper.

She added the pop of color in the room with this gorgeous shade of blue on the door. Bryn continues the blue in the pillows on the entryway chairs. This entryway might be small, but it's definitely grand in style!
Bryn Alexandra

These rooms show that black and white decor doesn't have to be boring. Just a few pops of color add interest to the rooms and liven them up without them being overwhelmed in color.

When you keep your design base neutral, it's easy to change out a few of the colorful elements if you get tired of a particular color. This also keeps your decorating budget in check since you're not having to make large purchases, like furniture or rugs, when you feel the need to change things up.

Thanks for reading today, and I hope you enjoyed the design eye candy!


  1. It's funny because I love to wear black and white with a pop of color, but I haven't really decorated that way yet. I love all the inspiration photos!

  2. I am so with you Sharon! I love this trend too...especially those bathrooms you pinned!


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