What's Happenin' ?

You guys!  It's November!  Yay!  I'm ready to put October, a month that I usually love, behind me.  This October was kinda' horrible for me.  But, it's over and I've just felt the need to relax and have some down time.  If you call doing a million loads of laundry and yard work, "down time."  Anyway, I didn't think our dirty laundry and overgrown flower beds would make blog-worthy posts.  So, I have really had no projects to blog about lately.

I am happy to report though that our stove and our furnace are no longer Red Tagged!  Thankfully, our furnace was not emitting carbon monoxide so I didn't have to have it replaced.  The repairman said that the carbon monoxide from the stove most likely got sucked into the furnace and was blowing it back into the house, which is why it was being picked up in the heating ducts. So, I just had to pay to have the furnace inspected, and I decided to have it serviced, since the guy was already here.  The stove was easily repaired in about a half an hour.

To celebrate, having a working oven and heat in the house, I baked some yummy pumpkin bread on Sunday.  This recipe turned out great!  It is so moist and has all of the delicious tastes of fall in it, pumpkin (of course), cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg.  It's really putting all of us in the fall spirit.

In case you were wondering?  Yes, we always keep a cluster of ornamental pumpkins next to our plates when eating pumpkin bread.  It just adds so much to the experience.  You really should try it! :)

Bocce has been rockin' his new argyle sweater.  We decided to get it for him after he had to get shaved at the groomers and temps are starting to drop here.  When he was a pup, we had gotten him a sweater, but he acted like he was frozen in place and would absolutely not move when we put it on him.  He seems to like this one and, now that he is a little older he seems to realize that it actually helps to keep him warm.

Apparently, not as warm as snuggling under the covers though.  If you would have told me a few years ago that I'd be one of those dog owners who bought her dog clothes and dressed him up, I would have said you were nuts!  Well, never say never!

I'll be back soon with some updates on the (hopefully soon to be completed) laundry room.  A project that has had many set backs - called "life".

Thanks so much for dropping by today.


  1. Goodness, after a crazy carbon monoxide scare like that… gardening and laundry sound pretty good! Glad all is well and your pumpkin bread looks delicious!

  2. That pumpkin bread looks delish and how cute is Bocce in his sweater!! So glad the red tag issues were easy to fix and that everyone is safe.


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