December wha...?????

Somebody please tell me it is not December 20th?

Please forgive my dropping off the face of the blogosphere.  Yet again.  The shame.  I know.  Seriously.  Sorry.  I never intend for it to happen, it just kind of does.  I don't really like it when other bloggers suddenly stop blogging with no explanation so I have no excuses here.

Anyway (if you're still out there?) I thought I'd share some of the goings on around here.

I wish I could say that they were of the DIY/design type of goings on, but, alas, it is not so.

We hosted a lovely Thanksgiving and I meant to blog about it last month.  Here are a few pictures of how I decorated the table.  It's easily translatable for Christmas.

I used some tags that I got at Michael's and wrote everyone's names on them in gold.  I tied them onto the cloth napkins with some jute twine because I love to mix a little rustic with gold.  Then, I tucked in a sprig of rosemary for a little pop of nature.
On the backs of the tags, I wrote, "I'm thankful for..." so that everyone could write what they were most grateful for.  You can be sure that I did not write that I was thankful for my excellent hand writing. ;)

And this was written before I even had a glass of wine.
I used the dresser to hold drinks and appetizers.

I kept the decorations simple, which is how I like them.  I tied sheer brown ribbon into bows on my Target vases and put rosemary into each of them.  I also used the same sparkly votives that I used last year.

After we were done eating (which was like 20 minutes) we all went around and read what we had written on our tags.  This was my favorite part of the day.  It was so nice to go around and hear what everyone was thankful for.  

We had planned on playing kickball after dinner, like we did last year, but then we realized that none of us actually had a kickball so we played Apples to Apples instead.

You can see last years post about our Thanksgiving here.

I have to partly blame my disappearance on Veronica Roth.  Maybe you know her?  She's the author of the Divergent trilogy.  Olivia and I went to see the movie Catching Fire over Thanksgiving weekend, and we saw the movie trailer for Divergent, which is coming out in March.  Olivia is an avid reader and I often read a lot of the young adult novels that she does.  I knew she had the book, and I was intrigued by the movie trailer so, I quickly read Divergent.  Then, I had to read the rest of the trilogy, so I read Insurgent and then Allegiant.  Did you read them?  What did you think about Allegiant?  I'm still a little heart broken.

There I was over the long Thanksgiving weekend totally engrossed in these amazing novels, all the while, getting further and further behind on all of my big plans to get a jump start on Christmas.

Then, like most of the country, we got hit with an arctic blast.

You would have thought that this would have lit a fire under me to get crackin' on Christmas, but it just made me not want to leave the house.  I fell further and further behind on getting Christmas things accomplished.
My lovely daughter had her guitar recital at school.  She makes her Momma proud.
We got the tree up but you can see things are still a little (lot) in disarray.
We did manage to bake some gingerbread cookies, but they still need to be frosted.  Some presents still need to be bought, stockings need to be hung, Thanksgiving stuff still needs to be put away.  I'm feeling overwhelmed just writing this!  Oh well, things won't be perfect, but I guess I just need to let go of that and instead focus on things being fun and enjoyable.  I'll be off for the next two weeks, and I'm really looking forward to the time with my family, doing some more reading and going to a lot of good movies.  I'm also hoping to get a few projects done (ok, maybe one?) that I'll share with you.

I'm so thankful for you!  For taking the time out of your busy day to drop in on my little corner of the world to read my blog.  Thank you!


  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! We woke up this morning and I thought, I'm going to need to lug out the house and water our plants… when I look up and snow everywhere. Crazy NM and our erratic weather, ha!

    1. Thanks Amy! I loved the snow, it was so unexpected. Wish we would have gotten more though. Glad you dropped by!

  2. Don't worry about being overwhelmed with things, Thanksgiving was late this year and it feels like Christmas is early! Everyone gets overwhelmed, it happens to me all the time and I'm by myself! My daughter has moved out and I'm not married so there are not very many good excuses for me but it still happens!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my dressing room redo. It is wonderful having an entire room, I've never had this much space before!


    1. Hi Tania! Christmas did come fast this year, although I always think that's kind of funny to say since we know about it all year, right? I'm frequently overwhelmed but I'm trying to let go of that and just relax and have some fun. Love your dressing room!


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