How to Make Paint Chip Valentine Bookmarks

Since my son is in 5th grade this year, it will be his last year of exchanging Valentine's with his class.  I thought I would do something to try to make it special, and break with our tradition of store-bought Valentine's (usually Sponge Bob).

I had the idea to make each of his classmates a bookmark using paint chips.  When I picked these Behr paint chips out at Home Depot, I thought that some of the names were rather serendipitous.

I also picked up some red ones because I didn't think that the boys in his class would be into pink.

This was a very simple and quick Valentine's project that was fun to do with my kids! Here is a list of the supplies that I used.

Paint Chips
Heart Punch
Washi Tape
(or laminate sheets)

1) Cut the paint chips  
2) Put a strip of washi tape on the back 
3) Run it through a laminator, or use laminate sheets
4) Cut out your heart shape at the top
5) Add string tassel

To see how I made the tassels, click here for the tutorial that I used.

Next, I ran them through the laminator or, you could use laminating sheets.  Then, I cut out the heart shape with the punch.

As it turned out, Jacob said he didn't want to give them to his classmates.  So much for trying to make things special!  I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, he is a 5th grade boy, right?  It's hard to compete with Sponge Bob.  So, I made a few Valentine bookmarkers and then relaxed with a good book.

Have you done any Valentine's crafts lately?  I'd love to hear what you've been up to.  

Thanks for reading today. 


  1. Love these paint chip bookmarks! Thanks for sharing at The Pin Junkie! They're part of today's Valentine craft roundup!


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