97 Cent Spray Paint

If you're like me and you like to change things up in your home a lot, then I know that you'll appreciate a cheap source for spray paint.  You may have seen this Quick Color spray paint at Home Depot?  Or, maybe you didn't notice it because of it's unassuming packaging?  Not to mention that It's usually stocked on the very bottom shelf in the spray paint section.  I've even found it sitting in unopened boxes on the floor.
It only comes in black and white.  There are no fancy paint names here either like, Ebony Nights or Vanilla Cream Latte (that does sound yummy though doesn't it?).  Just black and white.  Like the caps indicate.
It also only comes in two finishes.  Gloss or flat.  No egg shell, no shellac, no super high gloss.  Just your basic gloss or flat.
Each can has 10 ounces, whereas, most of the other fancier, more expensive spray paints have 12 ounces.  You still get more bang for your buck though since you could get three cans, or 30 ounces, for three bucks, instead of one can, or 12 ounces, at three plus bucks, for the fancier spray paints.
It also doesn't have any sort of fancy sprayer.  Just your basic spray paint nozzle. I've used all sorts of spray paints and despite it's lack of a fancy sprayer, the Quick Color spray paint has about one of the most even sprays and paint applications that I've found.
I used the gloss white for the DIY ironing board holder that I wrote about in my last post.
And, I've used the flat black on lots of picture frames in my house.  Like this frame for a pin board that I made recently (and haven't blogged about).

You might think, from this glowing review, that Quick Color paid me a boat load of money, or promised to supply me with a lifetime of all the black and white spray paint I could ever use?  Sadly, they did not.  I simply wanted to let you in on a great deal on some really good spray paint that you might not have even noticed.

So, run right out and buy yourself some cheap spray paint and paint something!  You know you want to.  :)


  1. Great tip! I've never noticed it, but I'll have to keep my eyes open next time I go to the hardware store!

  2. I use this spray paint all the time. Love it!!


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