How to Force Daffodil Bulbs {DIY}

While the East Coast has been slammed with record snows and freezing temps, it's been ridiculously warm here. People are running around in shorts enjoying our 70 degrees plus. It feels more like April than February, and it's gotten me in the mood for spring.

I've been working on adding more decor in the living room and I'm trying to use things that I already have. Last fall, I had gotten some daffodils, one of my favorite flowers, to plant in my yard. Well, they never got planted and the bag has been sitting in my garage. I decided that I'd try to force some of them, and the rest I'm going to still plant outside.

I made sure that the bulbs weren't dried out before I planted them, otherwise, you won't get any blooms. When you force bulbs indoors, you can use either soil or rocks. I used some small pea gravel from my yard since I didn't have any potting mix. This was a very simple project. Here are the supplies I used and a tutorial.

Plant Pot
Soil or Rocks
Daffodil Bulbs
Moss (this is optional)


1) Fill your pot with soil or rocks, leaving enough room for the bulbs on top. 

2. Plant the bulbs with the pointy end up, leaving about half of the bulb exposed. Don't cover the whole bulb, or it will wind up rotting.
3. Water the bulbs until the soil is moist or the water reaches the top of the rocks if that's what you used. Don't immerse the bulbs in water or they will rot.
4. Chill your daffodils. In order to force them to bloom, they need to be kept in a cool dark location for about 10-15 weeks. The temperature needs to be around 35-55 degrees. You can put them in an extra refrigerator, in your garage or outside, as long as it's cool enough.
5. After the cooling-off period, you can bring them back into the room when they have around 2-4 inches of stem growth. In about 2-4 weeks, you'll be enjoying some beautiful daffodils!

I'm planning on putting this pot in our garage to chill and will bring it back to this spot once my daffodils are ready for forcing.

In the meantime, I added some fresh flowers for some color until the daffodils bloom.

How's the weather where you are?  Are you snowed in or enjoying a false spring like we are here? I'd love to hear about it, leave me a comment below and let me know.

Thanks for reading today!


  1. Oh my goodness - I love that pot! The pop of green from the moss is great and I can't wait to see how they bloom! Also. The duck is amazing.

  2. I love having bulbs in the house for spring time! And I agree with Deme... that pot!! Where did you get it?


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