Laundry Room Chandelier {DIY}

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to show you the chandelier that I recently put up in the laundry room.  Out of all the things in the laundry room that I've done, this is actually what I'm most excited about, and it's because I wired it all by myself!

I've always wanted to learn to install lighting, but I don't know, things like fear of electrocuting myself and leaving my children motherless, or fear of blowing the house up, or fear of blowing out all of the electrical in the house and then having to shell out big bucks to get it fixed, always held me back.
Usually, if I have a DIY project to do that I haven't done before, I call my sister, Michelle, to help me.  She can do anything, fix anything, or figure anything out.  She's the handiest woman I know.  Like most of us, she's also very busy, and has her own projects that she's working on.  So, I decided to put on my big girl panties and figure out how to do it myself.

I started with a brass chandelier that I got at ReStore for $7.50.  I liked that it wasn't overly ornate and knew that it would provide a lot of light into our laundry room that has no windows.

I cleaned it up and taped off the electrical parts.
Two coats of Rustoleum's silver metallic spray paint were all it took to make the chandelier look modern.  
I'm always impressed with how smooth the finish is with Rustoleum spray paints.  

I wasn't happy about the fact that I had to swag the light because the original light wasn't centered in the room.  I'm not quite ready to tackle moving a light box though, so swag it was.
To wire the chandelier, I did invest in this tool.  Because we have a lot of ugly lighting that I'm hoping to replace.
And, I could not have done it without Brittany's excellent tutorial over at Pretty Handy Girl.  I'm telling you, if you've every wanted to be able to install lights, it is so much easier than you think.  If I can do it (and not electrocute myself or burn down the house) then you can too!
I really love the way it looks.  Even though I'm already thinking that I'll eventually move it into my closet when I get around to fixing that up (did you just call me "fickle"?).  I am super excited that I now have some basic electrical wiring skills and can replace all of the ugly, builder grade lighting in our house.  

I've got one more laundry room project to finish up, and then I'm hoping to show you the whole room.  All 36 square feet of it. ;)  

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Love it. I swear non of our lights are centered either. Thanks DR. Horton!

  2. Great find! I have never found a light for $7.50 before, wow! Great job with the hanging. I've done a few myself but I don't quite have the hang of it yet.

  3. It looks great, Sharon! Restore to the rescue again!


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