Bringing The Outdoors In

Spring is here in full force.  Perennials are coming up in our yard and trees are flowering.  On the days when we aren't having hurricane force winds, it's quite beautiful.
I haven't had time for any projects around the house lately.  This is usually a super busy time of year for me at my job, and there are always a lot of events towards the end of the school year for us to attend.  This year will be especially busy since this is Jacob's last year of elementary school and Olivia's last year of middle school.  Sob.
One thing I have been doing though, is making sure to pick some of the beautiful blooms off of some of the trees and shrubs in our neighborhood.  I shamelessly pluck branches off of trees growing in medians or parks, when I'm out walking.  Yes.  I am that crazy lady.
It's so worth it though, to have them in the house.  Makes me smile every time I see them when I walk into a room.
I even put some in my bathroom (to try to distract myself from the not-so-pretty laminate counter tops).  I dream of a herringbone Carrera marble backsplash and white quartz counter tops in here.  Until then, these pretty white delicate blossoms will have to do.
In my bedroom, I cut some branches off of my sister Margaret's forsythia bush.
I love the pop of yellow against the blue gray Behr Light French Gray painted walls.  They're like sunshine in a vase. :)
I used to have some coral tulips growing in my yard.  But, I think a certain furry, four legged, family member may be responsible for trampling them down?  Certainly, it couldn't be Bocce?  Not with that innocent face. ;)
Until I can plant some more this fall, I've been taking advantage of the lovely tulips at Trader Joe's.  I got these for the living room.
I love how they pick up the coral in the couch pillows.

Is anyone else out there as crazy about fresh flowers as I am?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. So pretty! I love that coral bunch in the living room but I'm a sucker for any color of tulip :) And I love that you are that crazy lady who shamelessly picks the flowers while she's out!

  2. Just wanted to pop by and say hi! I hope your summer is treating you well so far!


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