How to Spray Paint Side Tables

Before I had my surgery, I started working on makeovers of these nesting side tables and my thrift store lamp.
Now, these tables are nothing to write home about.  They're not real wood and they're from Bombay & Co.  Remember them?  They went out of business several years ago.  I would love to be able to replace them with something like this from World Market but it's not in the budget.
Actually, what I'd really like to do is to get a sectional, which I might eventually do, so I figure, why bother buying something else?  (Although, If I do find something great at a thrift store, I would definitely go for that).

I decided to just spray paint them off white so that the eye isn't so distracted by the whole white, dark, white thing going on in this corner.
This was my first time using a spray paint/primer in one.  I can't remember what I used now, and I did have some issues with the smallest table.  This may have had something to do with the fact that it was like 5000 degrees in the garage where I was doing the spray painting.  For some reason, the color came out very mottled and then it wrinkled up?!  I swear I shook the can until my arm about fell off, which caused me to sweat out an additional gallon of water.  I also used a deglosser on them first, and I think I did use a spray primer on them too?  It's all a hazy, dehydrated, blur of a memory now.
I waited for it to dry, and then I sanded it down.  When I spray painted it again, the exact same thing happened!  At this point, I considered just getting rid of the smallest table because, quite frankly, it was becoming a nuisance and I was questioning its usefulness anyway.  Do we really need three tables?  I was hot, sweat and crabby so, I decided to just leave it and put it off for another day.
Back inside, after I cooled off and got rehydrated, I was thinking that the legs looked a little plain Jane to me.  I wondered what they would look like if I did a gold dip on them.  I was a little reluctant about it because there are so many legs, and  I didn't want it to look busy.  Plus, I worried that it might look too matchy, matchy, because the lamp makeover I had planned involved gold spray paint.  Plus, it meant more time in the hot garage.

Since I had already screwed up the little table anyway to redo the little table anyway, I decided to give it a try.
Bad idea!  This is what happened on one of the legs.  I took it as a sign from the design gods that this was not meant to be.
While I didn't think that the gold dipped legs looked horrible, they were just feeling a little too Liberace to me.  Know what I mean? So, I decided to leave them plain white.  I know, maybe a little boring, while I want things to be interesting in the room, I don't want any visual clutter and with all those legs, it would have looked cluttered.

I do need to get more spray paint so that I can redo the smallest table, but I'm unable to drive following my surgery.  It's cooled off some so, hopefully I won't have unbearable heat in the garage and any more spray paint issues!

My lamp makeover turned out great!  Although, it was no picnic either. ;)  I'll show you how it turned out and the epic adventure in getting it done next time!

Thanks for reading today.


  1. Oh darn it, that sucks that you had so much trouble with that little table! I hate it when that happens!


  2. If you need a paint delivery let me know :) Hope you are well! I am so glad we are cooling down. We actually had another rain storm today. My backyard looks like a jungle.

    I like how soft the tables look now. They turned out really pretty! I've had a hard time with some furniture before. It is now fun!

  3. Hi Sharon! You did a nice job with the tables even though they didn't turn out perfectly. No one would notice! I must have missed that you had surgery. I hope that you are doing better!


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