Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you read DIY and decorating blogs, I'm sure that you've see fiddle leaf figs all over the place.  I've loved the fiddle leaf fig for awhile now, but if you get a full grown one, they can be pretty pricey.  Plus, where do you buy them?  Up until recently, I hadn't seen any being sold around here.  Then, I went to Home Depot to buy some weed wacker line and out of the corner of my eye, I spied this little guy.
There were only two fiddle leaf figs in the store and this one looked better than the other one.  It's sort of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of fiddle leaf figs.  It's got some brown spots on some of the leaves and it's only about three feet tall, but it was just $16.00 and I saved my receipt so if it winds up dying on me, I can return it.  Home Depot is good that way.

This picture gives you a little better perspective on its height (or lack thereof).
I found the perfect basket for it at Michael's.  I got a great deal on it because one of the handles was broken so I just hot glued it back into place.  I may go back to Home Depot to see if they have any taller ones for this spot and move this into my bedroom.

I seem to do great with outdoor gardening and keeping things alive, but indoor plants, not so much.  Do you have a green thumb?  

Have a great day!

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