Six Things You Need for a Dia de Los Muertos Halloween Party

I'm toying with the idea of having a Halloween Party this year.  When I was at Costco this past weekend, I ran across some wine from a vineyard here in New Mexico with a Dia de Los Muertos label (see below).  It got me to thinking how fun it would be to have a Dia de Los Muertos inspired Halloween party!  If I did, here are six things that I would definitely get for it.


I'd set the tone with the perfect invites from Tiny Prints.

I'd make some of these individual seven layer dip appetizers.  What a great idea and so adorable! 

I'd DIY some spray painted black pumpkins.  
Sweet Paul Magazine via Remodelista


And, some wine bottles to burn some candles in.

To offset all the black, I'd get these colorful fondant skull candies from Lulu Bell Cakes to top off some cupcakes.

Here's the bottle of red wine from South West Wines that I mentioned at the top of this post.  Isn't that label great!  I doubt it will last until October 31st.  ;)  
What about you?  Are you planning on having a Halloween party this year?  Taking the kids trick-or-treating?  I'd love to hear your plans!

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  1. I love those wine bottles! It is tasty too, we tried some at World Market a few months back. Super fun ideas!

  2. Oh my god! Fantastic ideas. I can have a wonderful party with all of this. I even have an amazing party venue in mind and my best friend is a well-known event planner. She is going to love decorating the place. I can’t wait for the day.


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