My Next Project // Dining Room Table & Chairs

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may know that my dining room table and chairs are getting a makeover.

I've already started on the chairs because they are just plain gross, after years of heavy use and abuse.

To be honest, I would rather just buy new dining room furniture, but it's not in my budget to do that just now.
Untitled #14
I picked out a few of the things that I love, if I could get new dining furniture right now.  One ~ I love the juxtaposition of the rustic wood with the clean lines of this West Elm reclaimed wood farm table (I also just like to say, "juxtaposition".  Weird, I know).  Two ~ how can you ever go wrong with these lovely and timeless, linen covered slipper chairs from World Market? Three ~ I would love to have these wishbone chairs, also from World Market.  With the exception of the slipper chairs, I don't think I would ever pick out upholstered dining chairs again. They're just not practical, especially when you have kids.  Better to go with these wishbone chairs and put some cushions on them that can be changed out easily.

Now don't get all excited because my dining room furniture won't wind up looking anything like this.  There's nothing I could do, short of magic, to make my current dining chairs look like the wishbone chairs.  I might be able to slip cover two of them though, down the road.  I decided I'm not going with any wood tone finishes for the dining table and chairs. The dining area is open to the living room, and there are enough wood tones going on with the flooring, the coffee table and this dresser.  So, I'll be painting them instead.  Problem is, I haven't really solidified my plan which could be a recipe for disaster!  We'll see what happens.  Wish me luck!

Have a great day!

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