How to Make a Peeking Mummy Wreath

I can't believe that Halloween is this Friday!  To get us in the Halloween spirit, I decided to make a wreath for the front door.  I had this idea in mind for a mummy peeking through the wreath with his hand sticking out.

I made this when it was late in the afternoon and was running out of light, so I don't have pictures for each step of the process, but it's not rocket science, it's a mummy wreath.

white foam wreath
gauzy fabric 
rubber glove
black sharpie
florists wire
glue gun

1. Wrap the gauzy fabric around the wreath, hot gluing it at the start and end.
2. Stuff the rubber glove with Kleenex.
3. Wrap a piece of gauzy fabric around the top half of the glove and tie it in the back.
4. Cut out a "U" shape large enough for the head from the cardboard, and draw some eyes on it with a Sharpie.
5. Attach some of the gauzy fabric onto the cardboard with the glue gun, making sure to leave part of the eyes showing, and enough room on the bottom to glue it onto the wreath.
6. Here's the part that I didn't get a picture of.  Lay the wrist of the glove onto the wreath, take your florist wire and wrap it around the wrist of the glove and around the wreath, twist the wire in the back to secure the glove onto the wreath.  Cut off any excess wire.  Cover the wire with more gauzy fabric.
Use your imagination here.

7. Last, glue the mummy head onto the inside bottom of the wreath, behind the secured hand.
And there you go!  A Peeking Mummy Wreath!  

I just realized that I haven't even bought any Halloween Candy yet.  Are you ready for Halloween?

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