New Living Room Pillows

Last week, I wrote about how I had neutralized my living room to point of it looking very bland and vanilla.

I decided that the room needed a source of inspiration for me to design around.  Then, I realized that I actually already had my inspiration pieces in the room, my kids' artwork.

So, I searched all around the internet for some fabric that would tie in with my kids' artwork.

I fell in love with this ming dragon, aquatint, fabric from Tonic Living and decided that it was "the one".  You know that perfect fabric to tie in with my kids' artwork and add some interest and color on the couches.  A fabric that I would love longer than five minutes and not want to change out.  Ever.  Death-Do-Us-Part type of fabric.

Here it is as a pillow so you can get a sense of the scale of the print.  That's one of the things I love about the Tonic Living site is that they also sell pillows so you can see what a pillow will look like, if you decide to sew one yourself.  Tonic Living  also takes custom orders for window valances and drapes.  And, this post is quickly turning into a commercial for Tonic Living, but I swear they are not paying me to write this, I just love them!  You know how some people dream of going to the Great Wall of China, or the South of France, or Disneyland?  Well, not me, I dream of going to the Tonic Living store in Ontario, Canada.  Although the South of France sounds pretty nice too.  ;)
So, I decided that I loved this fabric and that I was actually going to tackle my sewing demons and order this fabric to sew some pillows for our couch.

Then, I had to return something to HomeGoods, and the ming dragon fabric was was just a distant memory by now.  Just another pin among many thousands on my Pinterest board.  Just a vague recollection of one, among many, designer fabrics that I have fallen in love with on line.  (Click here if you'd like to see more of my pillow and fabric obsession).

Because before me, on the shelf at HomeGoods, was instant gratification in the form of a two pack pillow package for $25.00!  That's just $12.50 per pillow people!  (#mathwhiz)  Plus, they were already sewn for me.

So, there would be no dragging out of the sewing machine, no trying to remember how to thread it, no calling my mom begging for "help", or no attempting to cut the beautiful ming dragon fabric straight.  Because you see, it's confession time here, I have never ever sewn a pillow.  Well, this isn't completely true.  In middle school, I did sew my name, S-H-A-R-O-N, in pillows for my bed.  But, you see, I never finished that project, so it doesn't really count.  Any way, I'm getting wordy here, which might be due to the fact that I'm hopped up on caffeine and sugar right now from some tea and chocolate covered pretzels I just ate.

These are what I found at HomeGoods.  #HomeGoodsHappy!
These pillows are like sprinkles on vanilla ice cream.  I love the interesting pattern and the variety of colors in these pillows.  Ok, yes, I will admit that I would love them even more if they had a dragon on them!  But still.  Look how pretty they are and how the colors go with my kids' artwork without being all, matchy-matchy, in an obnoxious kind of way.
I also found the pretty blue throw so I'm feeling a little more comfortable in the room now that my house has some consistent flow again.  These are the types of things that keep me awake at night with worry.  Just kidding.

But wait!  Not only did I find these fabulous colorful pillows and throw.  I also found two of these.  The grassy green of the ribbons ties in with one of the greens in the sprinkle pillows.  Plus, I love to mix a geometric print with a floral.
I know that's a super close up, but what I was trying to show you was the sparkly metallic that runs throughout the green ribbon on the pillow.
Here's a better shot of the sparkly thread.  I love that!  Especially in contrast with the linen fabric of the pillows.  And, yes, I do know it's just not quite normal for me to be getting so excited about pillows.
So, it was HomeGoods to the rescue in the living room!  Now, I can start decorating for fall and bring a little bit of the beautiful outdoors in.  Does anyone else out there get this excited about pillows, or am I just strange?

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a great day!

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