How to Make a Pin Board Command Center

One of my "goals" that I wrote about at the beginning of last year in this post, was to improve our family command center.  I called it a "goal" instead of a New Year's resolution because we all know what happens to New Year's resolutions, right?  Well, I should have just called it a resolution because short of making the rustic framed chalkboard wall to write out our weekly dinner menu on, that was about all I did for our family command center.

I'm still not setting any New Year's resolutions this year, but I do like the clean slate that a new year gives me.  I like starting off with a clear calendar, a fresh start, an opportunity to reflect on the year past and maybe do some things a little better than I did last year.  So, in an effort to be more organized this year, I decided that one of my first projects of the year would be...TA-DA!  Our family command center!
Our command center is in the kitchen/dining area which is open to the living room so, I wanted it to be pretty, as well as functional.  Which is always the best of both worlds if you ask me. ;)
For our command center, of course, we have to have a calendar.  A place to keep track of all of our appointments, school schedules, important events, holidays, and birthdays.  I found this one at Target, of course!  I swear, I'm there so often that some of the cashiers have started to recognize me.  I loved the blue and white and it was the perfect size, which I don't even remember what that is now?  Size perfect.
I also wanted a place to keep school papers, like the kids' class syllabuses, and other school forms that usually end up in a pile on the table until I've filled them out.  I had this file sorter already so I just primed it and spray painted it a glossy white.  I'm going to be adding in a menu planner to keep in here too.
I also got a large pin board at Target, for cheap.  I used some off-white linen that I already had, I ironed it within an inch of its life, then I sprayed the pin board and the frame with a ton of spray adhesive to make sure it's not going come off.  I smoothed it out with an old gift card.
Then, I flipped it over and stapled the fabric to the back of the frame.  I didn't use any particular method on the corners, just made sure it looked good from the front before I stapled it down.
I also used some fabric tacks from JoAnn's that cost something like $2.00 for 24.  I got two boxes because I wasn't sure how many I would use and it turned out to be perfect.  I wound up using the extra tacks on the board to attach the calendar and the file.

I just guestimated the spacing of the fabric tacks.  I positioned them all around the frame to get and idea of how far apart I wanted them spaced.  I just eyeballed it to make sure they were spaced out evenly.  Then, I used my tape measure to see how far apart they were and used it when I actually went around to hammer them in.
I didn't hammer the tacks all the way down, until I was sure the spacing was good.
I didn't have a rubber mallet, just a small hammer, but I wasn't too worried because I had gotten the gold tacks that were textured and not smooth so, I figured a few more bangs in them wasn't going to matter.  It worked out fine.
I did have a few casualties though...
The tacks aren't spaced out perfectly, but if I worried about any of my projects being perfect, I'd never do anything.  I used some blue file folders that I already had, to hold all of our papers.  I may switch them out or add in another color later on and use my label maker, which I didn't have time to do. 
 I love the combo of dark blue, linen and gold accents!
For our "To Do" lists, I used my color copier to copy the border of the calendar, then, with my computer, I made a simple lined list with each of our names on them. I taped the border to the top of the list, then I laminated them so that they're reusable with a dry erase marker that we keep in a nearby drawer (that's currently a hot mess and needs to be cleaned out).
I also made a list that I attached to the front of the file for us to write down things that we need to buy.  I have a small notebook that I use to keep all of my shopping lists on in my purse, but that's hanging in the hallway.  This way, we can write everything onto this list and I can transfer it into my notebook before I go shopping.
I love the way this turned out even if it did take me over a year to finally get around to doing it!
I'm hoping this project is going to set the trend for me to do more organizing this year!  What about you?  Does January get you motivated to organize?

Thanks for reading today!


  1. I'm over from I Heart Organizing.

    So pretty! I love the canvas with little shots of blue.

  2. Thanks. I will be motivated not. I have all the supplies. Just need to round them up and DO IT!


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