Dining Area Updates

Sorry about the crickets here on the blog.  I've been trying to get caught up on work for my real job.  The one that pays the bills, keeps a roof over our heads and food on the table.  Plus, we are trying to settle in to a summer routine. 

Thanks so much, to those of you who left me comments about my son, in my last post. After Jacob's headache finally went away, he developed some digestive issues that we're still dealing with.  I'll be giving you updates, from time to time, and also sharing some more about the changes that we've made since his diagnosis of Hashimoto's disease.

Today, I wanted to give you an update on our dining area.  Our living room and dining are open concept.  I had already gotten four of the dining chairs painted and the seats reupholstered that I shared in this post (I still have two more chairs to finish).
Since I had painted the chairs white, I wanted some contrast so I decided to paint the table a medium gray.
I mixed two paint colors together to come up with a custom color.  After I painted it, I let it dry for two days.  No one was allowed to put anything on it, which was the hardest part.

Then, I gave it three coats of satin polycrylic so that it's very durable.  This is essential in our house since we don't have an extra bedroom or living area, this table gets a lot of use.  Lately, it's been covered in Lego (Jurassic World, of course!).
Or, someone's doing artwork on it.
Which is really just fine with me, because we live in our house.  It is never perfect and it's usually a little messy (but it cleans up nice for parties ;) and we're comfortable here.  So, I guess, that's all that really matters.

I also happened to find some beautiful curtains at HomeGoods when I was returning something.  They're 96 inches long and were just $15.00 a panel (woo-hoo!) so I was able to get a pair for the dining room window and also for the sliding glass door.
The fabric looks very linen like and they have a beautiful, large scale blue medallion pattern that adds some color and life to this corner of the room.
When our rose bushes were in full bloom last month, I loved how the pink roses looked against the blue and white curtains.
I've already thought about changing out the gray fabric on the dining chairs to black and white, but I usually like to decorate the table with colorful patterns so, it will work for now.  They'll need to be changed soon enough so it's something I can do down the road.
Of course, it's always something and now the bamboo shade is wonky.  So, I need to fix that.  I've been wanting to change up the paint color on the walls to a light gray.  Since it's an open concept room though, that means painting the kitchen, dining area, living room (with vaulted ceilings) and two hallways so, it's not something I could tackle in a weekend.  I'd also like to replace the chandelier with something that's a little more clean lined.
Here's a before picture to remind you of what the space used to look like, very brown and beige.
We're enjoying how bright and fresh this space feels now.  It's amazing how some paint and new curtains can really make a big transformation.
I'm so glad you stopped by today.  Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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