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Back in April, I got an email from Adam Baca, a reporter with Albuquerque the Magazine, asking if I would be interested in participating in a feature on some of Albuquerque's DIY bloggers.
Under normal circumstances, I would have been elated and jumped at the opportunity.  However, things still weren't "normal" at our house since my son got diagnosed this past February with Hashimoto's disease (click here to read the post).  By this time, Jacob's headache had gone away, but he was now having gastrointestinal issues, including severe stomach pains after he ate.  He felt so horrible and the pain was so intense, that most days, he could not go to school.  He was also still having a lot of lethargy and brain fog.

I was exhausted and essentially a frazzled nerve ending of a woman.  I was barely keeping up with normal life things, like paying bills and cleaning my house.  In fact, my sister, Kathy, who has been such a God-send to me during such a horrible time, had started coming over once a week to clean my house for me.  It was about all I could do to take care of my son, get my job done (with a lot of help from my wonderful coworkers), and get dinner on the table every night.  We were trying to figure out the cause of Jacob's stomach issues and were waiting for his appointment with the GI doctor, when I got the email from Adam.

I knew I had to call Adam back, and when I did, he said that they were doing a feature on some of Albuquerque's DIY bloggers for their June Home and Garden issue.  I told him that I had not been blogging for a really long time because my son had been very sick since January, that he still was not doing well, and I didn't know when I'd be able to get back to blogging.

Adam was very kind and told me to think about it and let him know.  I sent a text message to my niece, Amy, who works in advertising in New York. I told her about the ABQ the Mag offer of a feature.  She was going to be coming into town that weekend and she really encouraged me to go for it.  I was still reluctant because my primary concern was to get my son feeling well again, and I was just not in DIY or blogging mode, at all!

When I talked to Amy that weekend, I told her that I just didn't want anyone coming to my house taking pictures right now because of the horrible timing with Jacob.  She reassured me that they probably wouldn't and that they would probably just take pictures off of my blog.  After I thought about it, I decided that if I didn't do it, I would regret it.

I called Adam back the following Monday and told him that, of course, I would love to be a part of their feature on Albuquerque DIY bloggers. Then he told me that the article would consist of me doing a simple DIY project in five steps or less.  He asked if I had a project in mind?  When I initially spoke with him, I didn't even ask what was expected of me in the article, so I hadn't even been thinking of projects.  The first thing that popped into my head was the project that I had done to distress our leather club chair and ottoman.  It has been my most popular project on my blog.  I explained it to him and he said it would be perfect.

I wrote out the steps of the project and sent them to Adam.  Then, he told me that a photographer would be calling me within the next two to three weeks to come over to take pictures of me distressing the chair.  Oh-My-God!  So, they were coming to my house after all.

Kathy and I spent the day before the photo shoot giving my house a much needed cleaning.  I kept reminding myself that the photographer was coming to photograph my chair and not my whole house.  Don James, the magazine's Photo Director, was great and even though I was nervous, he put me at ease.  He didn't use any special equipment, he just had me go through the steps of me distressing the ottoman and asked me a lot of questions about what I was doing and my blog, while he took pictures.  It was all over in about half an hour, and I was left with my house being cleaner than it has been in months!

I was invited to the launch party for the magazine at the end of May and I asked Kathy to go with me, since she has been so kind and supportive with everything that has been going on with my son.  It was a very nice party and they served us some delicious cocktails and appetizers.  What I  was really hoping for though, was to meet some of the other featured bloggers, but I couldn't seem to to find any of them!
Each of the featured bloggers got a two page spread with a little write up about our blogs and the steps that we had written out about our projects on one page.
The second page had pictures of some of the steps with a picture of my finished distressed leather club chair.
It was a lot of fun (which I was in desperate need of!) and a very positive experience.  Thanks, Albuquerque the Magazine, for the opportunity and for acknowledging some of our cities bloggers!

You can check out the other Albuquerque bloggers that were featured on their web sites listed below!

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Have a great day!


  1. Hi Sharon, I'm the blogger at Thistlebear. Thank you for linking to my blog in your post. I was at the party but also had trouble figuring out who was who there, and only had a chance to meet one other blogger. I would have loved to meet you, I'm sorry we didn't get the chance to connect. It's really nice to see that other people in Albuquerque are passionate about blogging. It's something I really love to do. I wish you and your son all the best. Take care.

  2. Love this! So fun! I was just starting a new job and couldn't get things together to connect with the reporter. I am so happy your beautiful blog was featured!

  3. Hi, Sharon. Thank you for visiting Southwest Desert Gardening. I had to smile as I read your post; I had so many of the same thoughts! And, in the end, I did it because I did not want to regret not doing later. I could not make myself do the launch party, and now I do regret not meeting you and the other bloggers; perhaps we'll meet another time.
    This was a wonderful post about your experience. Thanks for sharing it with your readers.


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