How to Make a Rustic Glam Patio Bar Cart

Whew! So this was one of those projects that wasn't supposed to be too time consuming or complicated.  But, I have had issues all along the way including computer issues up to the last minute!

I wanted to have it done by Tuesday, but I finally finished it up Wednesday evening and if you follow me on Instagram (and you should because, oh the excitement, that is my life behind the blog scenes!) you saw a little sneak peak of what I've been up to.  I also wanted to get it done because I thought this would be a fun project to share at iHeart Organizing's Four Week Wait-No-More Organizing challenge.

We grill year round here and in the summer months, we eat out a lot on our patio.  I needed some extra storage for things like plates, napkins and cups to keep handy outside.  I decided to use one of the upper cabinets I had gotten for cheap, cheap, at ReStore a few years ago, that I wrote about in this post.

I already had some white spray paint, so I sprayed it white, but then I ran out of paint.  Rather than going to get more, I decided to use our white trim paint and brushed it on.  But, it was looking streaky from brush marks.  So, I let that dry and rolled it on to the cabinet doors.  If I had just gone to get more spray paint, this part of it would have gone a lot faster.  

I also wanted to use some of the pallet wood that I still have in my garage.  Rather than borrow my sister Michelle's miter saw to cut it like I would normally do,  I decided it was high time that I became a legit miter saw owner.  So, I bought this ten inching, sliding compound miter saw.
It took more time trying to figure out how to get the blade on, set it up and then how to use it.
It made the process of just having to make two straight cuts much more complicated than it needed to be.
I finally got my cuts done and sanded the wood down with my circular sander.  Then I used the same Danish wood oil in dark walnut, that I used for our coffee table that you can read about in this post.  I love using Danish wood oil because it's easier to control how dark the wood gets than with normal stain.  I didn't want it too dark, so I just put on one coat.  I do still need to seal it with some polycrylic to protect it from the elements.  It will be protected from rain, but with our harsh sunlight, it will fade fast without some type of protective finish on it.

For the hardware, I used some modern cabinet pulls on the sides that I got at Home Depot.  For the front hardware, I took some knobs off of a cabinet in my bathroom.  I spray painted all of them with Rustoleum's metallic gold because there is nothing better than white and gold, except white and gold with rustic wood and margaritas.  
I did put casters on it, but they were too little and whenever I opened the doors, it would tip forward so I took them off.  I still need to get some larger wheels to put onto it, to make it an official "cart". 

I love the gold handles on the sides, they're just big enough to hold a pretty dish towel.

And the rustic wood on top?  It's the perfect backdrop for some margaritas, white plates and some yellow David Austen roses that are still blooming in our yard.  Really, who needs anything more than that?  Except maybe some chips and guacamole?

Now I have plenty of storage space for more plates, cups, napkins and forks.

 I still have a ton of room on the other side to add some citronella candles, grilling utensils and storage for extra party food like bags of chips or margarita salt.

I really love how this little bar cart turned out, and I'm looking forward to relaxing a little bit this weekend and enjoying some more of those margaritas!

Thanks so much for reading today!

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  1. This is too much! What a great DIY! I love it! Do you think it will hold up with all of the rain we are having? I'm sort of too wimpy to experiment with outdoor furniture.But regardless, I love this and shared it on my Facebook page.

  2. Thanks Julia! And thanks for sharing it on your FB page. :) It's on the section of the patio that is covered so, it won't get rained on. Hope you're doing well and will be returning to blogging soon. I miss your posts and your amazing cards!


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