About Me

Hi!  I'm Sharon.  Welcome to Desert Willow Lane! 

I'll just tell you a little about myself and what you'll find here on my blog.  I live with my two kids and our fur baby, Bocce. They are the world to me!

I started blogging after my kids got sick of me asking their opinions on yet another paint swatch I was considering painting a room.  When I'd call for one of them to come and look at it, they'd answer back with, "Is this about paint colors, again?"  After I realized that they really didn't give sh*t about what color our walls were, I started blogging as a way to connect with other people who were as equally obsessed with DIY and design as I was.

I like to repurpose as much as possible so, I've painted or refinished a lot of the furniture that we already have.  I do this for a couple of reasons, it's good for the environment and it saves me money, which I usually wind up spending on throw pillows because I want to own all the throw pillows in the world.  Okay, well maybe not in the world, but at least all of the throw pillows on Etsy.

I'm the youngest of seven kids, most of my siblings live in the same town and we're a tight knit family.  We like to get together often to celebrate everything, birthdays, holidays, you name it, we celebrate it together.  We love to eat and usually while we're celebrating one thing, we're planning our next get together and, of course, what we're going to have to eat.  We also have a very strict dress code of always wearing blue for all of our family get togethers.  ;)
photo by Kim Jew Photography
I work in the human service field, which may sound rewarding to you, but mostly it's a lot of redundant, mind-numbing paperwork and stress, although the developmentally disabled people that I serve do make up for all of that.  

When I'm not working or hanging out with my family, you can usually find me at home working on some type of creative project, decorating, DIYing, organizing, or whipping up something good to eat in the kitchen. Then, I have this compulsive need to photograph it all and share it with you here on my blog.

We don't live in the biggest house, or the fanciest neighborhood, but I've been working hard to put a personal touch on our builder basic home.

If you're new to my blog, you can click on the images below to read some of my most popular posts.  Grab a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, and take a look around!  Feel free to cringe if you read some of my earlier posts because I always do.  I'm constantly striving to improve my photography and my blog content so I really appreciate your feedback (as long as you're nice and don't make me cry).





Thank you for dropping by and I hope you visit often!  Better yet, sign up to have posts delivered by email, and I'll come over and clean your house!  (Don't worry, I hate spam too and your email address is safe with me!).